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What is Badgehire?

We help venue owners and event coordinators to ensure the safety and security of their events and attendees.


We coordinate with thousands of Police Officers and Departments nationwide to not only put uniforms on site, but to ensure those wearing the uniform are the most qualified for the job.

We make your security as simple as possible by serving as the sole point of contact between our officers and your event staff; freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your event.

Police Patch

Do I need a Peace Officer?

No really, do you?


During our time working in the private security industry, one of the most common questions we run into is, "Why should I hire a police officer if I just need basic security?"


Truthfully, if you just need an extra set of eyes and a visual deterrent, you should look to hire a security guard. However, if you want your security presence to make ANY sort of intervention during an incident, a general security guard isn't going to cut it.

Depending on the type of venue you run, or the type of event your hosting, you could be legally required to have a Police presence on site.

With licensed Peace Officers detailed to your event you can be certain every incident is handled smoothly and professionally, regardless of the shenanigans your attendees get up to.

Let's Work Together

Take your security seriously, get in touch with us today.

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